Technical Information

Read on for information on the underlying technology platform; the ways in which the system can be accessed from remote locations or by third party users and managing the system administration.


Technology Platform

Union Square is built using industry standard Microsoft technology, with plug-ins to common software packages, such as Sage, Access Dimensions, MYOB, AutoCAD and Revit, ensuring seamless integration across business functions.

We have a technical team who do the hard work for you, so all you see is an intuitive interface that can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. If you’re technical yourself, or have an in-house technical team, you can upgrade your system to Enterprise Author and enable in-house customisation as you see fit.

Remote Access

Generally the bulk of users are employees, either on an internal network or connecting from a remote location over the internet.

You may also wish to share limited parts of your information system with external users such as clients and professional teams. There are a couple of ways you can do this, depending on the extent of access they require. If it’s just a case of sharing documents you can send a secure link from the system, allowing the recipient to download relevant documents and drawings directly from the document management system. If a third party requires more comprehensive use of the system, amending documents and uploading drawings etc, you can give them secure external user access. Essentially this is a user licence but with tighter security around what they can and can’t access in the system.

For organisations with multiple office locations a cache server can be installed to ensure fast local access from remote locations. This ensures that users based in remote offices don’t suffer latency or performance issues when accessing or publishing new or previously created documents.

For quick and easy access to the Union Square system while on the go there is also iPhone and iPad access. This saves users having to fire up a laptop to check on project details or retrieve contact numbers while away from the office.

System Administration

System security and administration is handled by a few limited users internally, usually an IT Manager or Systems Administrator. The individuals assigned this role are able to change and add information to the system and define access levels on a user by user basis.

The security system is a fundamental part of the Union Square system that all clients use to a greater or lesser extent. Its flexibility is such that you can implement a strict policy where only limited users have the ability to change and add information to the system, or you can run a more open system, making change and access more widely available.

A sophisticated administration tool is provided to manage the whole system and provide feedback on system health and usage. Delivered on the world’s leading relational database, Microsoft SQL Server, many of the actions and changes that take place in certain areas of the system are recorded and logged.